What comes to mind when I say sustainable computing? Solar powered web hostingEnergy efficient machines? These certainly play their part, but thinking more broadly, the way software runs do mirrors what’s happening in the world at large. The difference between open source and proprietary closed source systems is analogous to collaborative vs. hoarding, durable vs. disposable, a d evolutionary vs. wastefully duplicative.

Looking at the difference between open source systems such asDrupal and closed, proprietary ones such as Sitecore, it’s striking how well each mirrors a sustainable world vs. status quo world view.

Let me step back, and invite you on a journey: Think of a software developer as a gardener, and and software code as the earth. As a sustainable software developer, you are like a steward of the earth. Built into this culture, especially in the Drupal world, you’re expected to be contributing back and improving things, in the same way you’re weeding, pruning, watering and otherwise managing a garden.